Speech and Language Therapy

Our services are provided at...

Option 1: Your home (KL and Selangor)

Option 2: Our home office @ PV8, Taman Melati, KL.

Option 3: Online (ZOOM)

Prices start at RM 200 (one hour, weekday rate)

For enquiries, WhatsApp us at +6012 - 396 9485.

Benefits of Therapy at Home. Speech Therapy. Speech Language Therapy

Home is the place your child is the most familiar with and comfortable in. This helps your child do better during speech-language therapy sessions. The therapist can also use familiar objects and toys during therapy, and work on everyday routines for functional communication.

By having the therapist come to your home, it is most convenient for the parents, family or carers. No driving, traffic congestion, parking, or tolls, and this saves you time.

1. Speech and Language Therapy

We provide Speech & Language assessments and intervention for children, adolescents and young adults. We work closely with caregivers to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. 

2. Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC)

We provide AAC assessments and intervention for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

AAC refers to all forms of communication that enhance or supplement verbal speech or writing. AAC is used when a person is unable to rely on their speech alone. Perhaps you have lost your ability to speak or your speech is inconsistent. Maybe your child has not started talking. 

Examples of AAC systems include: signs, communication books, speech generating devices and communication apps.

Examples of Alternative and Augmentative Communication AAC systems. Proloquo2go. Proloquo. GoTalk. Pecs. Communication Books. TalkXpress. iPad. PODD. Eye gaze. Buttons. Scanning.

AAC systems available include communication books, communication boards, PECS, PODD, GoTalks, single button communication devices, switches, eye gaze systems and communication apps (Proloquo2Go, TouchChat, GoTalk NOW, CoughDrop, Avaz, Speak4Yourself, TD Compass, Talk Suite Pro, etc).