AAC Products

Find out more about AAC systems that we sell. To purchase, WhatsApp/ email us for a price quote.

We recommend getting an AAC assessment done by a trained speech-language therapist before purchasing an AAC for your loved one.

1. GoTalks (Attainment Company, USA)

We are a local distributor for Attainment Company, USA. If you would like to buy their products, do email us for a quote.


2. TalkXpress (by Deborah Yong)

TalkXpress is a communication board/ book with balanced and robust vocabulary for effective communication.

Who can benefit from using this?

  • People who are non-verbal or minimally verbal (e.g individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy etc), can use this to help them communicate

  • Children with a speech-language delay or disorder can use this to grow their language

Key Features

  • 24 pages of core and fringe vocabulary

  • Page categories include activities, food, social, places, alphabet, etc.

  • Laminated for increased durability

  • Multiple tabs for easy navigation

  • Includes one empty page for self-customization

  • Universally recognized Boardmaker Symbols

  • Colour coded based on the Modified Fitzgerald Key

(1) TalkXpress Communication Board

  • Retail price: RM 200

3 versions available:

(A) English

(B) English-Chinese

(C) Bahasa Malaysia

(Base board size is A4)

(2) TalkXpress Communication Book

  • Retail price: RM 220

3 versions available:

(A) English

(B) English-Chinese

(C) Bahasa Malaysia

(Ring binder size is A5)

(3) TalkXpress Core Page (free!)

3 versions available (click to open):

(A) English

(B) English-Chinese

(C) Bahasa Malaysia

3. iPad Keyguard

3D printed, custom-made to fit iPad apps.

A keyguard is placed on top of the iPad. The person who uses AAC presses the iPad screen through openings strategically placed above each button. This is useful for people with poor motor control, to improve selection accuracy on the iPad.

4. Communication Wristband

"I have something to say! Please bring my communication system"

By raising his hand, a person with physical challenges can inform people around him to bring his AAC system because he has something to say. It can also be used to initiate conversations.

5. Adapted Play (Battery Interrupter and Switch)

Convert any battery-operated toy or appliance into a switch-activated device for leisure and functional activities at home or in the classroom! Flexible and easy to use. Just place the copper disc between the battery contact and a battery in the device, connect a switch and your students are ready for action.

Included: Battery Interrupter (Enabled Solutions), Big Red Switch (Ablenet)

Not included: Toy or appliance